Although health organizations and the USDA recommend following low-fatdiets and avoiding red meat, several new studies have shown that high fat low carb diets and protein are better choices for weight loss and related conditions such as metabolic syndrome. Now a consortium of 26 physicians and nutrition researchers have created a detailed document showing why low carb diets are best for diabetes, reported UAB News on July 24.

“Diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate intolerance,” said Barbara Gower, Ph.D., professor and vice chair for research in the UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences and one of the study authors. “Reducing carbohydrates is the obvious treatment.”

Emphasizing the benefits of low carb diets for diabetes, Gower added, “The resistance of government and private health agencies is very hard to understand.” She and the other authors emphasized that low-fat diets have failed to reverse the epidemic of obesity, heart disease and related conditions.

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