You know it’s curious when many people ask me about what I think they should do about such and such a condition. They all seem surprised when I say “well, let’s have a look at what you’re eating before we go any further” because over the years I found truly that so many of the problems, diseases, illnesses both physical and mental far too often have a source or certainly a highly contributory factor in what we eat and having watched my mother suffer with Parkinson’s disease and many of her friends and those in that generation suffer with Alzheimer’s as well.


A recommended article

Nothing yet has convinced me that there’s not quite a bit of truth that the gradual lowering in quality of our food has contributed quite strongly to the gradual increase in many of the health problems that we as a society suffer which is why I’m quite happy to  recommend the article that I’m linking to below by Dr. Mercola who’s looking at the work of another doctor, Dr. Ron Rosedale, who’s a prominent  expert in low carb and high-quality fat approach to improving health and the article points to a very interesting conclusion that Alzheimer’s might well be considered as brain diabetes.

It’s well worth a good read as not only do they point out some of the more cutting edge work about exactly what casues Alzheimer’s but they lead on from that and tell us about how we can avoid Alzheimer’s just by simple changes in our diet and behavior to a certain extent anyway, fairly recommend as well and I hope it helps you.

Link to the article


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