Low Carb Avocado is a multiseries step by step pictured guide on how to create wonderful low carb dishes using avocado.

Here is the third series of compilation that will give your low carb diet more delicious and easy options to choose from.

Happy low carb cooking!

Avocado and Roasted Garlic Dipping Sauce

Make mealtime more fun with this all-star quick and easy dip. Use as a accompaniment to grilled or cold roasted meat, poultry (especially wings), fish, egg and roasted or fried Vegetable dishes.

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 109.9 kcal

Protein | 1.8 g

Carbs | 8.2 g

Fiber | 4.3 g

Fat | 8.9 g


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Low Carb Avocado Scrumbelenii

This is the best egg dish to jump start your day. Change things up at the table with this creative egg recipe! This eggcelent dish goes very well with cold or hot meats, roasted vegetable and salads.

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 322.0 kcal

Protein | 18.2 g

Carbs | 11.8 g

Fiber | 5.2 g

Fat | 23.4 g


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Low Carb Avocado Stuffed Pepper

A super easy, quick and healthy side dish or snack, these avocado stuffed peppers are full of wonderful flavours and textures.

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 399.1 kcal

Protein | 21.5 g

Carbs | 14 g

Fiber | 10.2 g

Fat | 30.7 g


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Low Carb Bacon-Stuffed Normandy Style Avocados

This Bacon and Avocado appetizer recipe is sure to win over everyone you know. Very satisfying and exceptionally delicious!

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 507.45 kcal

Protein | 17.25 g

Carbs | 13.65 g

Fiber | 6.75 g

Fat | 19 g


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Cajun Beef with Mango and Avocado Salsa

Try this healthy avocado recipe for your next lunchtime and experience an excellent combination of textures and taste.

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 1438.9 kcal

Protein | 17.7 g

Carbs | 20.3 g

Fiber | 5.4 g

Fat | 144.1 g


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Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa

Try this spiced up chicken dish with a smooth  and creamy avocado salsa for something new and exciting!

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 393.3 kcal

Protein | 47.8 g

Carbs | 6.3 g

Fiber | 3.7 g

Fat | 20.6 g


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Chocolate Avocado Mousse

The avocado-banana-chocolate combination in this recipe makes for an extra-creamy and decadent treat appropriate for dessert.

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 127.4 kcal

Protein | 1.6 g

Carbs | 17.3 g

Fiber | 3.4 g

Fat | 6.3 g


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Creamy Avocado Broccoli Soup

This creamy avocado soup recipe is very yummy. It’s also light, low carb, and the chunks of avocado just melt in your mouth as you as you eat it.

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 316.3 kcal

Protein | 4.7g

Carbs | 14.3 g

Fiber | 5.4 g

Fat | 29 g


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Savory Avocado Bateaux

This avocado dish is really quick and easy to do. Fresh, raw and absolutely healthy and delicious!

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 163.9 kcal

Protein | 2.4 g

Carbs | 10.6 g

Fiber | 7.2 g

Fat | 14.2 g


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Avocado With Mushrooms And Stilton

A very quick and tasty dish. Sharp, creamy and simply irresistible!!!

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 531.1 kcal

Protein | 24.3 g

Carbs | 12.2 g

Fiber | 7.9 g

Fat | 45.0 g


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Watch out for more delicious low carb avocado dish on our next series.

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