Low Carb Avocado is a multiseries step by step pictured guide on how to create wonderful low carb dishes using avocado.

Here is the first series of compilation that will give your low carb diet more delicious and easy options to choose from.

Happy low carb cooking!

Avocado Cheesy Tarts

Get ready to make a delicious and fun to do cheesy tarts that you will enjoy eating with the whole family.

[columns] [column twothird]SAM_9339Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 2016 kcal 105%

Protein | 114 g 204%

Carbs | 15.9 g 12%

Fiber | 4.7 g 16%


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Avocado and Ham Egg Wraps

This dish will definitely start your day right. The creaminess of the avocado compliments the ham and egg. A perfect, easy yet delicious breakfast treat!

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SAM_9287Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 638.5 kcal 33%

Protein | 26.0 g 46%

Carbs | 18.4 g 14%

Fiber | 13.5 g 45%


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Avocado Boats with Cream Dory Ceviche

This is an easy and great home made sushi dish for entertaining your friends without sacrificing your low carb diet regime.

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SAM_9832Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 256.8 kcal 13%

Protein | 14.5 g 26%

Carbs | 20.1 g 15%

Fiber | 7.4 g 25%


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Avocado Egg Roll

An exotic low carb dish that is crispy and creamy at the same time. The flavors will explode in your mouth with every bite.

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SAM_9134Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 141.4 kcal 7%

Protein | 5.3 g 9%

Carbs | 9.5 g 7%

Fiber | 4.2 g 14%


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Avocado Castles

Each bite of this unique dish is superbly creamy, rich and full of flavor. It takes only minutes to prepare, yet has a sophisticated and delicious taste.

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SAM_9629Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 323.1 kcal 17%

Protein | 23.2 g 41%

Carbs | 17.4 g 13%

Fiber | 10.0 g 33%


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Avocado Dugouts

A perfect dinner party treat oozing with flavor and goodness. This dish goes really nicely with a smoked salmon.

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SAM_8334Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 713.6 kcal 37%

Protein | 43.3 g 77%

Carbs | 14.5 g 18%

Fiber | 10.2 g 34%


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Cheesy Beef Cutlet With Avocado Dip

Nothing can beat this delicious avocado and beef recipe! These restaurant-style cheesy beef cutlets with avocado dip will surely please a crowd.

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SAM_8779Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 1685.6 kcal 88%

Protein | 119.6 g 214%

Carbs | 16.4 g 13%

Fiber | 6.8 g 23%


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Ham and Avocado Deviled Eggs

A perfect delicious appetizer or snack that you will enjoy with your kids instead of the unhealthy fast foods around.

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SAM_7815Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 672.0 kcal 35%

Protein | 51.3 g 92%

Carbs | 10.3 g 16%

Fiber | 6.8 g 23%


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Pan Fried Rabbit Fish In Avocado Butter

With the crispiness of the fish and the melting combination of the avocado butter, this dish will surely be a special dinner treat for you and your whole family.

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SAM_8460Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 747.3 kcal 39%

Protein | 79.1 g 141%

Carbs | 11.7 g 9%

Fiber | 5.6 g 19%


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Grilled Cream Dory with Avocado Salsa

Serve this delicious and easy to make dish on your next party at home and your fiends will definitely ask for more.

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SAM_9720Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 394.6 kcal 21%

Protein | 57.7 g 103%

Carbs | 11.9 g 9%

Fiber | 5.4 g 18%


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Watch out for more delicious low carb avocado dish on our next series.

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