Low carb and Paleo were the most searched diets on the internet last year. Why?  Because they work.

So here are some Low Carb and Paleo suggestions from someone who has been eating low carb for the last several years.

Eat Organic, if possible.  If you can afford it and have fresh/frozen access to organic food, then by all means choose to eat organic.  Organic just means without pesticides and also includes some minimum standards for how animals are raised.

I would also throw in the organic category the idea of free range and grass fed AND grass finished beef.  Grass finished beef offers a more optimal health ratio of fatty acids.  There are many suppliers online, if you can’t find them locally.

In general, try to buy ALL eggs, butter, and oils with organic labeling at the very least.  Meats and veggies would come next, but unfortunately, they are much more expensive.

Avoid artificial preservatives, like nitrites and nitrates.  To make food more shelf stable and to last longer without spoiling, companies add preservatives (there are a bunch of them, like benzoate which is only a mildly irritant to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes).  If you are buying food from a regular store there is a strong chance it has artificial preservatives in it.  With technology and refrigeration and ease of access (I have 5 grocery stores within 5 minutes of my house), it’s much easier to eat foods that don’t need preservatives.  Just go to the grocery store 2-3 times per week and buy fresh.

Processed meats are usually loaded with artificial preservatives.  That’s why you should always buy preservative free bacon, ham, turkey, etc.  They are starting to become more prevalent in regular grocery stores, thankfully.


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