As a registered dietitian, I often hear, “I’ve never met a carbohydrate I didn’t like!” I can certainly understand the sentiment. Carbohydrates are everywhere, easily accessible, and made into tasty treats. At the same time, carbs can play a precarious role when it comes to diabetes, wreaking havoc on your blood sugar with potentially serious results.

Without having to “break up with carbohydrates” as one of my clients put it, how can you avoid becoming diabetic or better control your blood sugars if you are diabetic?

1. Read labels or choose foods without labels.
If you pick up an apple or some green beans you won’t find a label. Herein lies the clue that you are consuming a healthy, unprocessed form of carbohydrate. Fruits and vegetables have built in fiber that delays the absorption of their sugar. This prevents an insulin spike, followed by a drop, which creates cravings for more carbohydrates or food.

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