Menopause causes mood changes, a slower metabolism, and increasing the risk of certain injuries and other conditions that increase with age. Fortunately, there are many ways to still be healthy despite the reduction of hormone levels. One of these ways is to perform weight and resistance training exercises. Here are three reasons why postmenopausal should try weight and resistance training:

Weight training keeps the bone healthy: The body’s ability to absorb calcium also declines as the levels of estrogen in the body declines. This, in turn, increases the risk of osteoporosis and injuries. Weight and resistance training, combined with increasing calcium and vitamin D intake, will improve bone health. This type of exercise helps increase bone density, contributing to the development of stronger bones. You can start by adding ankle weights whenever you are out for a walk or hike. The added subtle resistance will help protect and strengthen bones. (Related: Bone density sharply enhanced by weight training, even in the elderly.)

Weight training boosts metabolism: Muscle mass and metabolic function decrease with age, and these are further reduced after menopause. The decline in hormones causes metabolism to slow down. Fortunately, this can be countered by performing strength and weight training exercises, which helps develop muscle mass. A higher muscle to body fat ratio leads to a faster metabolism, which can help you lose weight during menopause.

Weight training helps prevent injuries: By doing weight and strength training, you are conditioning and strengthening your muscles and tendons. In turn, this enhances the overall function and movement of the body and lowers the risk of injuries and discomfort, which become more common as you age. For better protection from injuries, combine it with perform stretching exercises, which increases flexibility and elasticity.

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