While lab-grown meat has already been available for quite some time now, it still hasn’t been deemed acceptable for mass consumption. But that could soon change, according to a new report, with at least one company moving to capitalize on its existence on the open market. Just, which is described as a “controversial food company” that already had to change its name once, has methods to grow meat inside their labs using nothing but cells, incubators, and certain nutrients that these cells need to grow.

It is said that there is a whole industry of meat-growing food startups that are looking to get a piece of the eventual lab-grown meat market pie. For its part, Just is aiming for a late-2018 release of a yet unspecified food product, which still hasn’t been sold before. And it is with this that the company hopes to convince consumers that their meat is just as good, if not better, than real, conventional meat sourced from animals.

The success of Just’s effort to own the lab-grown meat space could dictate pretty much how the entire world reacts to artificial meat products. Of course, that would depend on a number of different factors, such as the taste and smell of their meat, how it feels in the mouth, or even if they can make it in time before the year ends, as they said on their own schedule. It may all seem like an inevitability — the existence of artificial foods that will aid in feeding the majority of the world’s population — but there is much more to it than you think.

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