After being diagnosed in Nov. 2010 with Celiac disease, Kirstern Berman had absolutely no idea what a huge lifestyle change she was about to make. As she started to research celiac disease and gluten-free, it became very apparent that every morsel of food we put into our mouth affects us; how we feel, what we say, how we act.

Kirsten’s goal as a healthy food advocate is to create Awareness and Understanding about the declining state of the American Food System as a whole and be apart of the movement that changes it. Change starts one person at a time.

Her goal as a Celiac & Gluten Free advocate is to shine the light on the cracks in the floor that Celiacs fall through daily when it comes to the food we eat. Celiac-Safe gluten free food vs gluten-free food defined loosely by the person selling it.

Kirsten created GlutenFreeGal to:

– Educate readers on the latest nutrition and healthy living news
– Advocate & Raise Awareness for Celiac disease and safe gluten free food
– Share healthy recipes and top product picks you can trust
– Have a voice in deciding what you and I put in and on our bodies

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