Without a doubt, sugar affects our health in more ways than we might think. Most people know that sugar is everywhere. Many of us know that sugar is a detriment to our health, but yet, we continue to eat it.

Part of the problem is that we often don’t even know we are eating and drinking it.

Here are tips to cut sugar out in your life:

Read Labels: You want to watch out for the “sugars” item and read the ingredients for added sugars. Pay close  attention to sneaky names for sugar in the ingredient list, and really avoid those ingredients.

Eat Organically: Your diet is actually controlled much easier if you avoid packaged and processed foods in general. If you eat plants, nuts, healthy fats and animals foods, you will naturally avoid many pitfalls of added sugar.

Do Some Research: Know where sugar is creeping in your current nutrition and take action to make changes. You are your best advocate and wellness expert, so take the opportunity to make changes in your life and do what feels best for you. Learn about certain foods that have exceptional hidden sugarsand replace them with healthier options.

Drink More Water: Drink extra water or herbal tea during the time when you are cutting back on your sugar. The hydration will help you feel better and cut down on the cravings. 

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