Here’s a lit of everything you need to do in order to avoid ketosis breath:

[columns divider] water1. Make sure you’re very very very well hydrated.[divider dotted]Thrush photo by James Heilman3. Make sure you don’t have some sort of underlying fungal infection such as Candida or thrush as it can be aggravated by a change in diet particularly if that change involves eating more cheese and dairy.

Yogurt photo by Oxytousc2. Make sure your digestive system, enzymes and bacteria are well balanced as in take a good quality probiotics, eat yogurt and take enzyme supplements.[divider dotted]steak4. The fact that we are eating a high fat diet does mean that the products of that fat being broken down will contribute to things that our body isn’t generally used to handling.

Oral hygiene

So as others have mentioned oral hygiene is very important and as the first batch of enzymes that our body uses to break down food start with our saliva and the enzymes within our saliva will change according to what we eat then there is always a period of readjustment. So yes it should go away.

In the meantime a good swish around with diluted hydrogen peroxide will tend to keep most things at bay.  Now you can dip your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and then dip it in bicarb of soda and brush your teeth with that. It will have the effect of killing the bacteria, cleaning the teeth and as an advantageous side effect will also whiten the teeth gradually as well.


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