If you pay attention at all to diet and eating trends, it’s likely you’ve heard of the paleo diet. It caught fire a few years ago and aims to model, in modern-day eating habits, what our hunter-and-gatherer ancestors survived on—in a word, lots of meat. Some tie its popularity to the burgeoning spread of CrossFit, but regardless, it has its devoted fans. 

The people who adhere to paleo follow some of the same food boundaries that those who adhere to the ketogenic diet have. There’s a focus not just on protein, but the kind of meat (grass fed) and seafood (wild caught). 

Nuts and seeds are allowed, but there are strict limits on fruits and vegetables—only the non-starchy types—and fats (minimally processed, please).
But ketogenic differs from paleo too, and that’s probably because the former is designed to help mitigate the occurrence and effects of seizures. 

Want to understand the difference? This graphic can help:

What’s the Difference Between a Ketogenic Diet and a Paleo Diet?

Infographic taken from Zerocater.com

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