A study published in the journal, Translational Medicine reports that the ketogenic diet, with all its purposeful benefits aiding weight loss, cholesterol control and blood sugar flare-up may help mitigate the risk of COVID-19. While the low-carb diet makes the body use fat as fuel, the surprising effect it has on our immune system.

Researchers say that Ketogenic diets work by increasing ketone body levels in plasma, which are responsible for boosting energy levels and regulating genes which control and manage oxidative stress levels. Apart from this, the same ketone bodies, scientists claim, help inhibit the inflammatory response in cases of viral infections and in cases, could help prevent a hyperinflammatory response that could lead to the severity in cases. On a broader level, a ketogenic diet can enhance the functioning of adaptive immune cells and lower down the risk associated with COVID-19.

This is strangely not the first time scientists have thought of establishing a link between the Ketogenic diet and a viral illness like COVID-19.

Other studies cite the Ketogenic diet’s surprising effects on influenza by super powering the body’s immune cells and fighting some of the symptoms related to the infection.

According to one such study published this year in the journal, Science Immunology, the cells, once powered by Keto work by enhancing mucus production in the body and hence beat out the flu and related symptoms. In fact, the study also mentions that prolonged practice of Keto diet may even help make the body immune to several types of viruses, including coronavirus. Earlier studies have also found some evidence which suggests that the Keto diet may also block the formation of inflammasomes, which are harmful immune system activators.

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