Kathleen Hallal has a background in research, lectures and education in museums, and teaching college courses.

When her boys were diagnosed with unusual food allergies and autoimmune issues she looked into nutrition as a way of strengthening their immunity, and she discovered what genetic modification in food means.

Removing GMOs from her family’s diet and going primarily organic improved their health.

The more research she did, the more concerned she became about what is going into the food supply in the US. The startling difference between the physical look and health of Americans versus Europeans had been apparent to her over the years but she could not put her finger on the cause.

Until she heard a farmer speak about what is really going on out in the fields. She remembers nearly falling off her chair when she heard that the animals fed GMOs were having similar symptoms to what her children and people across the nation were having. Pigs and cows were having digestive, skin, and fertility issues that she was seeing across her community and the nation with the families that she knew.

When farmers removed GMOs from the animals’ feed, their symptoms improved, as they had for her own children. When she met numerous other mothers who had also discovered that removing GMOs and going organic had helped their children’s health conditions she knew she was on to something. Kathleen went out to help pass Prop 37 in California, and became a community leader in GMO education.

She co-­founded Moms Across America and began hosting the GMO Free News. She has spoken on panels at Green Festivals, exhibitions and to political, social, and religious groups to teach people what she has learned. She served on her school district’s foundation board, she is a scout leader, and she serves as the Head of Health and Safety for her city’s PTA where she is working to reduce or eliminate pesticide applications around school campuses. She now counts multiple farmers, scientists, nurses, doctors, and scores of other concerned mothers among her friends.

She is a host of the GMO Free News.

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