Kate Kordsmeier is the the founder of Root + Revel. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Matt, and their two cats, Scout and Boo. Since 2010, Kate have been a full-time freelance food and travel writer and recipe developer. Today, you can find her work in over 100 magazines, newspapers and websites, including USA Today, Travel + Leisure, Wine Enthusiast, Real Simple and Cooking Light.

In October 2015, after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Leaky Gut Syndrome, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism, and subsequently healing her symptoms naturally, Kate created Root + Revel. Though she is a food writer—it’s literally her job to eat and report on the world’s most delicious foods—and a food lover, who believes strongly that life is not worth living without fried chicken, cheese and wine, Kate have also seen firsthand the power of nutrition and how much the food we eat affects the way we feel. After her diagnosis, she was blown away by the rapid transformation she saw in her own body from simple, natural and holistic lifestyle changes. Truly, the food Kate ate and the natural products she used (and the toxic products she tossed!) have helped her live a near symptom-free life, and she wants to share what she have learned with all of you. Learn more about Kate’s diagnosis, 80-20 lifestyle and how she strike the balance between eating well and feeling well here.

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