Jessica Alba maintains her hot bikini body with a low-carb diet and CrossFit workouts.

Jessica did rigorous daily dance workouts and followed a low-carb, high-protein diet, her trainer, Jennifer Johnson, said. “That’s Jessica’s strong point: She’s motivated nutritionally, and she eats a balanced diet of salads and proteins,” said Johnson. “If you’re eating right, that’s more than half the battle.”

Alba also does yoga, sprint intervals on the treadmill, spinning, and strength-training. Like many people, Jessica does not like to exercise, but is disciplined in her diet and amps up the intensity of her workouts when she needs to prepare for a film, event or photo shoot.

Alba follows a low-carb organic diet that features low-starch vegetables and fruits such as blueberries, and she avoids processed food. Jessica, who has a family history of obesity, began cooking at an early age to take control of her diet.

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Photo by Fortune Live Media

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