Jen Cuevas smileAfter defeating several life-threatening health conditions and receiving the gift of great health, Jen Cuevas began sharing her personal story to raise awareness about gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease.  She found that life without gluten was really great from a health perspective, but affected everything else that had a social factor!

Jen’s health began to improve after changing to a gluten-free lifestyle, but then she began developing crippling arthritis.  She also continued to be troubled by high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, inflammation and being overweight.  Those issues led her to do more research, which inspired her to go completely grain and soy free in 2012.

Determined to help others succeed in receiving the same gift of good health, Jen applied the knowledge she had acquired and became a certified coach, training her clients to think differently about the impact of foods.  Now an acclaimed national speaker, she publicly shares her personal health journey to inspire others, hoping her audiences will consider specific dietary changes as part of a holistic approach to achieving optimum health.

Finding access to foods that supported this healthy equation had become a consistent barrier to her clients’ success, so she began pursuing her long-term vision to “be the change” that she wants to see in the food industry.  By developing food products that are 100% grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free and free of refined sugars, preservatives, and artificial ingredients, her passion carries forward as the founder of The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet LLC, a company ready to offer a world where “Your healthy life can STILL be delicious!™”  Through this dedicated grain free, soy free bakery and food company, she provides Paleo and allergen-friendly treats, meals, and pizzas to help people succeed with their new dietary lifestyles.  She even offers allergen-free Communion to churches in order to raise awareness about the effects of “just one crumb of gluten” and exposure to other allergens.

Never one to be bored, Jen develops recipes and blogs on her website (, and is finishing her guidebook & cookbook.

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