Jen Ni Koh

Jen Ni was a graduate from UK and furthered her education in Training and  Development working in HR senior management level with the largest financial Institution in Malaysia. Coming from a family with a long history of eastern and western medicine, her own journey started with looking after her aged parents.

Jen Ni (Jenny to her friends in the west) was able to draw on both her health and management skills when she became involved in a new venture in high quality air management healthcare via inhalation, Chinese meridian massage and skincare using cellular metabolism, nanotechology, and energised water.

She has since then been trained by a Chinese TCM Dr, Professor Liew, on the bio resonance feedback machine diagnosed via accu-meridian points and also undergone training for the ancient art of tuina massage by another TCM practitioner- Dr. Lim. She has also been featured in the Far Eastern publication “ISmile”

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