JCH film picJeff Hays is a filmmaker and a serial entrepreneur.  He began making films back in the late nineties.  He is most known for Fahrenhype 9/11 (2004), a response to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, and On Native Soil (2006), a documentary focusing on the passionate demand of the surviving family members of 9/11 victims, for an official investigation into the 9/11 attacks.  This documentary, which was narrated by Kevin Costner and Hillary Swank was short-listed for an Academy Award.

Hays’ most recent film projects, were “Bought” and “Doctored”.Hays explains, “In recent years my eyes have been opened to alternative healthcare options.  The immediate increase in health I experienced personally after starting down this road is something I’ve just got to share with people.”

Hays is also in production on a new film, “The Wealth Gap” focusing on the widening wealth and income gap and some surprising potential solutions. TWG will be completed in early 2015.

A pet project is mycrowdfunding.com, where Hays teaches filmmakers and entrepreneurs how to create successful donor crowdfunding projects based on his 7-figure success in crowdfunding.

Hays lives in the mountains of Utah with his dog Abby and works from his office in NY. He’s the father of 9, and grandfather of 12, with new one’s arriving annually…

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