Happy So far, over 2.5 million people have seen the post, over 25,000 have shared it and the comments just keep coming. What’s up? The cartoon says: “Every single day you make a choice.” It features a guy sitting on one side of the bus looking out the window at doom and gloom, and his expression matches this dark perspective; another passenger on the opposite side of the same bus is looking out the window focusing on sunny skies, and his outlook is sunny too. Is happiness a choice? The question has sparked a wildfire of comments.

Support for “happiness is a choice”
Those who feel that happiness is a choice are deeply committed to that viewpoint. Many comments suggest that although we can’t control our circumstances, we can influence how we respond to them. “It’s not what happens to us, but the way we respond to what happens. Happiness is definitely a choice.” Do you agree?

Support for “happiness is not a choice”
The other perspective sees things entirely differently. “How can you say that every single day you make a choice when those suffering from depression have no choice — it’s bio-chemical.” And, “What about the death of a loved one — doesn’t this society even give you permission to feel your feelings?” Or, “There’s so much pressure to appear ‘together’ that it can leave no room for authenticity.” How do you feel about that?

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