Before you rush out to get a flu shot as “protection,” you might want to take a closer look at what the science has to say about the safety and efficacy of these often-hyped jabs.

Vaccine truth advocate Dr. Suzanne Humphries shared her expertise about flu shots, explaining how the adverse events she observed in conjunction with their use was what drove her to more deeply investigate the nature of vaccines at large. In the process, she discovered that flu shots really don’t work, and often cause more problems than they’re said to prevent.

Dr. Humphries is well-versed in these and many other aspects of vaccination that most of her critics have likely never even heard of, let alone understand. And much of this translates to her understanding about the flu vaccine, which she says is completely useless in most cases, and stands to harm more than help. The media loves to spread the narrative that people are dying left and right because they aren’t getting their flu shots, but Dr. Humphries points to vaccines as the most likely culprit.

“There’s one great study that showed that after you take an influenza vaccine, you are 4-5 times more likely to get either a different strain of influenza infection or a non-influenza viral infection that can be very nasty, like coxsackievirus and echovirus – they can actually paralyze you. They can be really nasty, nasty viruses, as opposed to the people who got saline placebo, which we actually don’t see very often … those studies are out there and can prove that what we’re saying is actually true.”

As a nephrologist, Dr. Humphries also observed plenty of cases of liver damage associated with flu shots. It very well could be that these non-influenza viral infections are putting enormous strain on bodily systems such as the liver, which for many patients ends up developing into full-blown liver disease.

It’s much better, in her view, to not get the flu shot – or any shot, for that matter – because the human body is naturally equipped to not only fight pathogenic invaders when presented with them, but also to develop an immunity to them. And unlike vaccine-induced “immunity,” which never lasts and is questionable to begin with, natural immunity lasts a lifetime.

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