Living in a warmer climate could be better for your health, especially during the pandemic. A recent study shows that locations with more sunshine, warmer temperatures and tropical climates have lower rates of COVID-19 among their populations.

Scientists compared warmer climates closer to the equator to countries that experience colder temperatures and weather, and their findings were consistent, and not affected by how much COVID -19 testing was done or the country’s level of urbanization.

The findings don’t mean that you should let your guard down during the summer months, but they mean that people in warmer climates have an advantage over those who live in colder areas, researchers said.

“Our results do not imply that the disease will vanish during summer or will not affect countries close to the equator,” study authors wrote. “Rather, the higher temperatures and more intense UV (ultraviolet) radiation in summer are likely to support public health measures to contain SARS-CoV-2,” the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19.

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