Most organic shoppers choose the produce aisle first when it comes to organic food. It’s much more tangible to smell a luscious organic strawberry and know it’s not listed on the Environmental Working Group’s dirty dozen list. We all have to start somewhere, and the visual appeal, along with incredible taste of organic produce is a good place to commence when buying healthy food for children. Organic food offers earthly delights as well as principles, practices and government-backed rules that produce cleaner and healthier food.

Yet some folks think otherwise.

An article in Slate titled, “Organic Shmorganic,” does its best to question many assumptions about the benefits of organic food. The author of the Slate piece notes “… there is little evidence that the differences [between organic and conventional] translate into actual health benefits.” Those of us who have been enjoying organic food for years know the benefits, but for many consumers, stories like the one in Slate sow confusion and raise unnecessary barriers to exploring the organic produce aisle.

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