We are entering into the second half of the year, and some people who made New Year resolutions to eat healthier have met or gotten close to their goals. Others have not. If you’ve been unable to get out of a routine of eating restaurant, takeout, delivery or packaged meals, you wouldn’t be alone.

There are many people who live in “food abundant” areas with access (and the purchasing ability) to a large variety of healthful products and yet they still eat packaged items and fast food or takeout frequently. Or their diet may lack a variety of fruits and vegetables. It would seem as if they, too, live in virtual food deserts.

If access is not the main barrier to a healthier diet for some of us, what is? The answer is certainly multifactorial and can include hectic work schedules, unfamiliarity with new foods, a continued perception that healthy equals expensive, and cultural or family dietary traditions.

If you physically live in a “food abundant” place with easy access to a variety of healthful foods but find yourself in dietary rut, here are some tips: Read more

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