The keto diet is best known for weight loss, but studies show it may help certain conditions and illnesses.

Carbohydrate content in the average keto diet amounts to between 45% and 50% of daily requirements. Low-carbohydrate diets (LCDs) entail less than 45% of daily macronutrients in the form of carbohydrates. Very low-carbohydrate diets (ie, ketogenic diets or KDs) limit carbohydrate consumption to fewer than 50 grams per day, which are typically derived from non-starchy vegetables. After a few days on a keto diet, the production of energy switches to burning fat. This switch yields ketone bodies, which takes the place of glucose as an energy source for the central nervous system.

Scientists have discovered the following health benefits from the keto diet:

1. Improves Sleep

Researchers from the University of Sydney examined 14 men under the keto diet. Their sleeping patterns indicated it took them a shorter time to fall asleep.

2. Slows Down Cancer Cells

Scientists concluded the keto diet reduces cancer growth. Cancer cells thrive on glucose (sugar) as food. On the other hand, it cannot do the same for ketone bodies. The cells then starve to death, reducing the rate of growing malignant tumors.

3. Reduces Depression

When you’re depressed, you’re in no mood to do anything. A study at the University of Toronto revealed their depressed test mice on the keto diet were more active compared to others not taking the meal plan. According to the report, the mice were “less likely to exhibit behavioral despair.”

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