Living with the stress and anxiety of a spinal cord injury is not relatable for most, however I found many techniques for managing stress that are. One such technique is Mindful Breathing, a simple yet effective way to quickly shift your disposition.

What is most exciting and interesting to me is that I discover new ways of living & being in the most random places. Case-in-point: After graduation, my classmate Shannon and I parted ways for over a decade. Our lives went on without ever crossing paths (except for social media) until one day we bumped into each other at a food/nutrition convention in Los Angeles. Shannon and I happen to work within the same industry (health & wellness) and on that day we were both seeking education and to enhance our knowledge base. Since then we have remained in contact and now share useful information and techniques with each other that although are from completely different backgrounds, serve as useful tools for life.

So within this blog is information that is eons old, but framed within the context of today’s busy, stressful lifestyle of working mom’s, entrepreneurs, athletes and those, like me, that live with some form of disabling condition.
Shannon Dougherty and Kim Miller are co-founders of and outline below a useful strategy (that works for me) for reducing and managing anxiety and stress that seems ubiquitous amongst our western society.

Mindfulness is the practice of becoming aware.
Basically, paying attention to thought and habit. When anxiety surfaces it’s very easy to simply react, which only feeds the problem more and creates unhealthy patterns. Alternatively, if we use mindful thought and breathe to bring awareness to the situation we can begin to rid ourselves of the stress we feel in these moments.

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