Over-indulgence in carbs (not just sugars) and being addicted to getting too full and to the desire for morecan be harmful to your health and diet. Yet, with some determination it is possible to break the desire for and reliance on carbs, and start to enjoy a range of low carb foods in balance. Don’t beat yourself up about it – just get started!


Stop eating bread — or at least avoid white bread and “wheat” bread and only eat just a very little multi-grain bread and whole grains. Breads to consider include breads made with rice flour, oat flour or rye flour.

  • Look at your local food store/bakery for specialty varieties of high fiber, low sugar bread. Don’t be put off by the heavier texture of such breads. It may taste unusual at first, but if you persevere, you will discover that these breads are tasty, fill/satisfy you quickly and are a great aid to helping you eat less and stop cravings.


Do not eat processed cereals. Most such cereals are sugar-laden and carb-heavy and empty calories (little vitamins and minerals).

  • Eat whole rolled oatmeal (not instant) with berries for a light and healthy start to the day.


Change to protein breakfast foods and add such things as fresh fruits, tomatoes, strawberries (but grapes are full of sugar), apple, peaches, or such.

Start each breakfast with warm water or tea with fresh lemon juice, to help refresh your digestive system after sleep.

Stop eating sugars and starchy veggies or treats of all kinds. This includes artificial sweeteners like Splenda.

  • Sugar and sugar substitutes cause inflammatory responses in your body and sets upcravings for more – and more.
  • Sugar reduces the effectiveness of your immune system and places a great strain on your body’s ability to extract and make use of nutrients.

Leave sugary things for special occasions only. It may be hard at first but it gets easier with perseverance.

Work out a lot. Begin and maintain a routine to make it a habit.
Gain muscle “not” fat by doing resistance or weight training.

Redouble your determination if you get tired or hungry. Eat low carb snacks.

Eat low carb veggies and eat low fat proteins.

Catch yourself in mid-bite: Stop. Yes, you may act like you are slightly choking and spit it out politely.
  • Breaking a habit takes 21 days. Keep it going for that amount of time and you will discover that your taste buds have readjusted sufficiently to give you the impetus to keep going for life.
  • Eat nuts and ocean/cold water fish or take essential oils with Omega 3.
  • Get a friend, parent or mentor to do this with you.
  • Don’t despair if you forget.
  • Take a good multivitamin with minerals.



  • If you work out a lot and do not consume enough carbs, you may run out of energy.
  • See your health professional for a properly planned nutrition regime.


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