How you set up your kitchen—from décor to utensils to where you keep treats—can make a substantial difference when it comes to losing weight. There’s a reason Google “strategically designed” their campus cafeteria using behavioral economics to “make it easy for people to make healthy choices.”

You don’t need an entire kitchen overhaul to make a difference. Many revamps take just a minute. Here are simple ways to start:

Make It Easy to Reach for Healthy Foods
Make healthy snacks like nuts, pre-cut veggies, fruit, and Greek yogurt easy to grab when you’re hungry.

Hide the Junk Food
If you must keep treats in the house, stash them where you don’t see them all the time.

Stock Your Spice Rack
Spices and herbs are bursting with flavor. That’s why research shows getting creative in the kitchen and adding them to foods (cumin on your carrots, red pepper flakes on Brussels sprouts) can help replace some fat in your cooking—without you even realizing it’s missing.

Buy Bigger Flatware and Smaller Plates
Sounds strange, but a study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that using a big fork may help you eat less, possibly because larger bites provide a visual cue that you’re making progress on your plate (and are getting full).

Get Rid of the TV
Watching TV and eating is a recipe for mindlessly inhaling all the chips…especially if you’re watching action shows. Time to remove the idiot box from the dining room.

Keep Cookbooks Visible
One of the secrets of slim people is that they cook at home often, says a study from Johns Hopkins University. It’s the best way to control what goes into your food, and it allows you avoid those massive restaurant portions.


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