Here’s a great article about how to keep your salad and fresh veg fresher for longer…

Steps to Fresher Veg

Wrap dry veggies in paper towel and place back into plastic wrap. This works  well with lettuce and celery.

Keep bagged lettuce mix crisp and fresh by slightly dampening a piece of paper towel, tucking it over the top of the leaves, and then clip the bag closed. The lettuce will remain crisp for at least a week or more.

Make sure that the paper towel is not too wet. If it is, just replace with a fresh paper towel.

After slicing a tomato or onion, place a folded paper towel over the cut edge and either wrap in plastic or place in zippered sandwich bag.

Fresh clean carrots can stay crisp if closely wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent evaporation or stored in an airtight container. They can last up to a week longer rather than go rubbery.

Potato, onions, ginger, garlic and sweet potato (kumara) should be stored in the dark (or an opaque bag) as sunlight makes them sprout and inedible. Ironically they are always displayed in bright light in the stores, but its not good for them.

Most vegetables last longer if left whole as they lose less moisture.More below


  • If you use bags of pre-washed lettuce, simply place a paper towel inside the bag and seal.
  • This idea will work with cheese. After the cheese wrapper is opened, place cheese (with or without wrapper) in zipper sandwich bag and put a paper towel between cheese wrapper and baggie.
  • This idea also works with ice cream to keep off the “frost”. Simply wad up a paper towel and place inside of ice cream container.


  • Use care with paper towels, especially if your brand leaves “lint” behind. Rinse veggies before using. (Of course if lint gets into ice cream, scoop off lint and discard.) Scott brand is exceptional for these uses.
  • Make sure any storage containers are washed & cleaned often because it’s easy to contaminate fresh food with old storage containers.


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