Some people genuinely want to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle by using herbal remedies, nutraceuticals, and naturopathic medicines. Unfortunately, the vast selection of products offered by most vitamin stores and pharmacies can be overwhelming enough to scare these people away. Where do they even begin? Luckily, Herbologist and Founder of Natural Plantation, Elsie Belcheff, has developed a simple three-step solution to introduce newcomers to the world of natural remedies and get them started on their lifelong path to healthy living.

Protect Your Body:

The first important step along this path is for people to boost their immune systems. The immune system is a powerful protection mechanism designed to fight off all kinds of viruses, toxins, parasites, and bacteria that aim to invade people’s bodies each day. The immune system requires a daily dose of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and fatty acids to keep it healthy and strong. It is a good idea for beginners to take one supplement, such as 100% Pure Purslane Powder, that combines the benefits of all these elements together rather than trying to sort through the myriad of individual products out there. The key is to keep it simple, at first, so it’s easier to stay on track.

Protect Your Food:

Along with boosting one’s natural immunity from the inside, people should also protect themselves from the outside by better controlling the foods they ingest. Unfortunately, today’s produce is often contaminated from dirt, animal waste, air pollutants, chemical pesticides, and bacteria-all of which can be harmful to our health over time. The best way to combat this is to wash all fresh produce (including fruits, vegetables, and raw meats) with a product like Purslane Fruit & Vegetable Wash before preparing them for dinner. The less harmful additives we introduce into our systems in the first place, the easier it is for our immune systems to remain strong and healthy in the long run.

Protect Your Hands:

We live in a time when we’re all aware of just how easy it is to contract a cold or The Flu with the touch of a hand. This makes it all the more important for people to keep their hands clean. Unfortunately, washing with soap and water is not always enough, which is why Canadian government health regulators recommend using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer-particularly when people are out in public. Because some alcohol-based hand sanitizers may cause dryness and cracks in people’s skin, it is a good idea to use a product like Purslane Hand Sanitizer that contains natural Purslane oil in it. This acts as a hand sanitizer and lotion all in one, leaving hands softer and smoother than some other hand sanitizers do.



  • These three simple steps are all it takes to put people on track toward a natural, healthy lifestyle. Why not start today?

Things You’ll Need

  • 100% Pure Purslane Powder Capsules
  • Purslane Fruit & Vegetable Wash
  • Purslane Hand Sanitizer


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