Low Carb food A low-carb diet can help you lose weight. It’s healthier to eat fewer carbs. Some say you shouldn’t try to reduce the carbs rapidly either or you will experience mood swings and hunger pangs, and might end up losing your willpower and failing in the attempt to reshape your diet. But that is not true for most people. With a little planning and by following a tried and tested low carb diet you’ll soon be on your way to amazing health and fat loss.




Chubby Respect your body’s reaction to carbs. Some people are less tolerant of carbs in their digestive system than others. For some, carbs upset their metabolism and the almost instant result is the layering of fat. Pay attention to the unique reactions of your body and act accordingly.





Cookbook Purchase a decent low-carb cookbook. We recommend Atkins as a start. This will take away not only the guesswork but will help to reassure you that you are not missing out on all the good tastes and filling meals of pre-low-carb days.






Nutrition Facts Learn about the low-carb choices. This will take time, so be patient but soon enough you will begin to recognize low-carb alternatives and select them without thinking. Look for specialty low-carb products as a way to get you started (although be aware that these are usually quite expensive). Learn to read the labels on products. Carbohydrate content will usually be included as part of labels on food, in the form of starches, sugars and fiber.



Jell O

Look for low-carb sweet products. These can include spreads, Jell-O products, etc. that are produced without sugar. Baked goods that are purposefully made low-carb are an excellent find, as well as sugar-free candy and chocolates. Check the goods made for diabetics.






Condimenets Watch out for surprise foods. Some foods, such as drinks and condiments, can contain carbohydrates. This can be unexpected, so be vigilant. For example, if you make a low-carb curry, be careful about adding a high-carb chutney with it.







Remember fat is your friend on a lowcarb diet. You can eat fatty food like cheese for energy.

Things You’ll Need

A calculator to take to the supermarket if you are trying to work out the calorie content via the carbohydrate content.

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