The first step in transitioning away from sugary (and artificially sugary) drinks is to become cognizant of ingredients. Do you wake up in the morning and dump packets of sugar or sugar-free sweeteners into your coffee, sip on a soda for a little midday pick-me-up, or end the evening with a hot chocolate or a sweetened chai latte? These are all places where sugar, artificial or not, is lurking. Once you’ve taken a look at your beverage consumption, see where you can make some tweaks and transition away from sugar-heavy beverages.

Nowadays, water, water, water—sparkling, flat, or with a kick of citrus, cucumber, or mint—will always be my primary drink of choice. But when you need something other than water, here are some simple swaps for typically sugar-heavy drinks:

1. In the morning, instead of sugar for added sweetness in your coffee or tea, try a little maple syrup, or even a splash of coconut milk in your iced coffee.

2. Around 3 p.m. when you start to crash, consider a mini smoothie with fiber from some greens and sweetness from fresh or frozen berries.

3. In the evening when you are craving a warm and sweet beverage, consider a mug of health-supportive and delicious Golden Milk to calm and soothe you into relaxation mode.

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