Haloween Photo by TheCulinaryGeekHalloween is one of the most favored holidays, filled with all sorts of fun — from creative costumes, spooky stories, pumpkin carvings and amazing decorations, to something just about every kid loves… CANDY! Not only is the magic of receiving free candy just by saying three simple words one of the most exciting and best parts of Halloween, it’s also a great way to get to know your neighbours and other members of your community.

Candy can also have a darker side for parents who are trying to keep their kids as healthy as possible, or protect them from allergic reactions by restricting what candy their kids can have. Imagine how the kid feels when they have a food allergy and can’t have candy — seeing other kids reaping the benefits of their trick-or-treating, dumping out their huge bags of candy and sorting through what they got — it’s both sad and frustrating. The day after Halloween is especially hard. Everyone brings their entire stash of candy to school and parades around the halls bragging about how much they are going to eat.

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