You run and weight train. You’ve done yoga and can almost touch your toes. So that means you’re fit, right? Well, maybe. Trouble is, there’s no definitive method for determining fitness across the board. As a result, an IRONMAN, CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder can all be fit by their own standards, but a flop outside of their specific domain.

According to strongman legend Earle Liederman, fitness means being able to save your own life in an emergency.

So what’s the best test of fitness? In grade school, the President’s Fitness Challenge might have set the standard. But as grown-ups, gauging our strengths — and weaknesses — might require a more well-rounded approach. After all, the journey from fitness seeker to physically fit begins by finding your baseline. And in order to get where we want to go, we have to know where we stand.

Whether you’re a total beginner or totally advanced, these seven fitness assessments lay the groundwork for what it means to be fit in different categories — from strength to cardio to total-body conditioning. That means there’s no more faking fitness! Tackle these tests to figure out, once …read more

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