Sorry chip lovers, but here is the latest:  A new study finds that insulin resistance — which means the propensity to store fat in the body — is related to when inflammation goes up. And inflammation is caused by various types of chemicals and foreign molecules that enter the body and cause your cells to react. These “disrupters” exist in processed foods.

The human body has developed an extraordinary number of systems to maintain stable blood glucose and to avoid broad swings in its level. These systems include hormones that are directly or indirectly generated by the diet. These hormones sense dietary nutrients and send appropriate neural signals to the brain (specifically the hypothalamus) to orchestrate fuel usage for either oxidation into energy or long-term storage. The central hormone involved in this metabolic communication system is insulin. However, increased inflammation can disturb these complex communication systems eventually leading to metabolic defects (obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes).

So how do we stop the inflammation that is telling the brain to store fat, and get the body to burn fat instead?  Dr. Apovian, who treats patients with obesity, first wants you to know that not everyone is the same and that obesity is a disease. So don’t blame yourself if you have extra fat or are overweight since it could be an underlying genetic or environmental issue. Still, for anyone who wants to lose fat and be leaner and healthier, the first thing she does is cut out all processed foods: Chips, sodas, cookies, and everything that we call junk food.

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