1fd6bceFor many years Heath has always wondered what people eat who have a body fat percentage of less than 10%.  Now that his own body fat is less than 8% and holding steady he is  compelled to share what he did in order to reach his ideal weight and body fat percentage.

Heath has been working on refining this diet for many years combined with 20 to 30 minutes of cardio  followed by 20 minutes of weight lifting four to five days a week. He has now hit his ideal weight and body fat.

Heath’s “Paleo” Diet focuses on burning unwanted fat while preserving muscle. This program’s goal is to reduce your body fat percentage down to a point to show off the muscles that are hiding beneath your fat layer, or to maintain the lean body you already have. His Paleo Diet does this by providing specific nutrients, vitamins, and proteins to your body to stimulate your metabolism and balance hormones to adequate levels. If your hormones are not in line, you can work out as hard as you want and not get results! This food and vitamin plan triggers your body’s fat burning potential by increasing your natural utilization of protein.

Heath achieved his results in just two months with his Paleo Diet and went from 220lbs to 187lbs and have stayed at this weight for almost 2 years.

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