Chocolate Photo by John Loo

Let’s start by making sure we’re clear on what constitutes dark chocolate.

A nutritionist would tell you that you should not eat chocolate that has less than 70% dark cocoa contents. Sometime it’s called cocoa liquor content. It sounds like alcohol but it’s just the way it’s called in the industry.

For most people 70% will thereabout be right… You can go higher of course to 80-85% or 90%. Just remember, the higher the number will
be, the more bitter it will be and also the more healthy it would be for you so I’ll let you decide what your limit is on that one. Just remember
though, above 70-75% can be just that much too bitter.

The reason you don’t want any lower than that is because you’re falling into candies and that could typically contain too much sugar and/
or the wrong kinds of fat and also most of them also contain milk.

Milk in itself is not bad. It’s just that if you want to get the benefits from the dark chocolate, so you need to avoid any additional
ingredients in your chocolate.

Typically, European chocolates are better because they tend to be much more refined, have higher quality ingredients, are smoother to the taste and all around is just great to eat. They’re not grainy as your average typical American chocolate will be. And they are refined
for longer time which tends to break down the chocolate molecules to very very fine ones and they’re very ‘melty’.

As for the benefits of dark chocolate… Download the magazine and continue reading

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