Woman Exercising with Dumbells ca. 2001When people start an exercise program they usually have a lot of questions. What exercise should I do? How much weight should I use? How many repetitions? Although the answer is frequently: It depends based on the person needs and goals. The following are some good tips for most people looking to get going this new year.

Compound exercises:

Basically you can split exercises into two groups. Isolation exercises are ones that target a specific muscle group such as biceps curls or using the leg extension machine. These types of exercise are good for bodybuilding and in a rehabilitation setting; however, for most people looking to get stronger, stick to compound exercises like push-ups, lunges, chin-ups and squats. These exercises use multiple muscle groups at once and thus require more energy and that is good for fat loss. They also allow for more weight to be used, which is good for strength gains.

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