Halle Berry looks just as amazing at 50 as she did at 30. And much of that has to do with keeping fit and eating a great diet. WOuld you be surprised to learn that ‘that’ diet was a low carb one?

She is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood: she’s fit and healthy and it’s hard not to notice her incredible physique. Her weight loss routine helped her deal with a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, and it’s easier than you think: it starts with a low-carb diet.

Berry follows a low carb diet to help control her Type 1 diabetes, which occurs where the body’s immune system attacks the pancreas. Since the immune system attacks the cells that are meant to regulate blood sugar, those cells are no longer available to do their job and a person’s blood sugar will fluctuate.

As glamorous as Halle Berry is, she has had to deal with this condition since she was 19.


Photo by celebrityabc

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