Mid-winter, cold and rainy/snowy outside?  What a perfect time for some masala chai with coconut cream.

is a blend of tea & spices from India.  It typically contains black tea and spices, like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, peppercorns, and often others.  Masala means ‘mixed spices’ and chai means ‘tea’.

If someone were really motivated, they could make their own masala chai by grinding up the spices in a grinder.  There is no one standard recipe, it seems to vary greatly.  Many good recipes can be found online as a place to start and then tweak it as desired.

Also it’s not sweet by nature.  There are zero or maybe 1 gram of carbs in the tea.  Many western masala chai drinkers then, of course, add sugar, or sweetener.

So have your masala chai as is, without added sweeteners.  Add some coconut cream to give it a good healthy fats, and a creaminess that’s enjoyable. Especially when it’s cold and grey out.


Photo by avlxyz

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