Yogurt Not all bacteria is bad for your health. In fact, the benefits of probiotics can only do your body good. ​From bloat-busting powers, to reducing your cholesterol to achieving flawless, glowing skin, probiotics can do a whole lot more than help you go number two (and that’s not even the half of it). Ladies, find out why these good germs are ESSENTIAL to good health…

Ever wondered what the big deal is with probiotics? You’ve probably heard that they’re something to do with yoghurt and are supposed to be good for your digestion, right? Well here’s the inside scoop.

​Probiotics are live active cultures of friendly bacteria that thrive in your gut. Good bacteria is considered essential for good health (and survival!). So with our bodies claiming home to more than 500 different types of bacteria you KNOW you’re dealing with something serious here.

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