GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are plant whose DNA has been altered. Certain genes from bacteria and viruses are taken and forced into the plants which creates unnatural proteins. The main reason for genetic engineering is so crops will be resistant to weed killer. You’ve probably heard of Roundup. This weed killer is produced by Monsanto who is the primary corporation behind GMO crops.

Over the years, Monsanto has done nothing but lie and distort the truth, and the USDA turns a blind eye. Monsanto spends enormous amounts of money promoting lies and hiding evidence. It doesn’t help either when employees from Monsanto go to work for the FDA. Before Michael Taylor was the person in charge of policy at the FDA, he was Monsanto’s attorney. He later became Monsanto’s VP and chief lobbyist. He is now back at the FDA as the US Food Safety Czar.

When he was in charge of policy, he falsely claimed that the agency wasn’t aware of any facts that GMO’s were significantly different than non-GMO’s. On the basis of that lie, no safety studies or labeling was made necessary from the FDA side. Years later, documents were made public from a law suit that showed that the overwhelming consensus of the scientists working at the FDA was exactly the opposite. The scientists had concluded that GMO’s were significantly different and dangerous. They could lead to toxicity, allergens, etc. and they should be subject to rigorous, long-term safety studies, including human studies.

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