Paleo So you’ve decided to commit to eating like a caveman have you? Well put down your club, lose the loin cloth, and stand up straight, cuz’ you’re in for a wild ride!

If you’re switching from eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) to Paleo, then yeah, cutting out all grains, dairy, legumes and pre-packaged foods is going to be a challenge. But start dropping pant sizes and notice that your arthritis has suddenly became non-existent and we’ll be doing a virtual high-five!

That being said, jumping into the deep end of the pool can be scary, so consider this a lesson in dog paddling that will help you get started on the path to not only losing weight and feeling great, but solving major health problems forever.

Here are eight tips that will help you ease into what will hopefully become a lifestyle change instead of just another fad diet.

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