Exercise & Fitness Your WayHave you been thinking about getting fit?

Maybe wondering just how much exercise you should be getting each week. Perhaps you’re sure you want to do something but just not quite sure what to do or how to begin.

Maybe, you have already started something but would like more of a challenge or just something that’s more fun. Well if you’ve been asking yourself questions like these -­‐then this book is for you.

Many people make the assumption that you can only get ‘fit’ through doing specific exercises like going to the gym or jogging and those types of ‘sporty’ things. What you’ll see from the this book is that you can get exercise from a whole host of different ‘physical activities’ (with the emphasis on both the physical and the active part). And if you’re getting enough physical activity (or ‘exercise’as the professionals call it) throughout your week, then you’ll get fitter as natural part of being more physically active.

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