Have your share of these healthy food on a daily basis

Remember why your granny always insisted that you must include palak in your diet? Spinach is a nutritional power-house that offers a variety of vitamins and minerals, fiber, protein, and a an enviable amount of antioxidants. From soups, dal, besan chilla to an omelette, you can have your share of spinach (even if you don’t like the taste really).

Broccoli is a great vegetable that reduces your cancer risk and detoxifies waste within your body. So, go for it without raising your eyebrow.

Tomatoes are part of all Indian kitchens. Tomatoes could give you healthy, glowing skin. Beta-carotene protects your body from skin damage while lycopene makes your skin less sensitive to UV damage (one of the leading causes of wrinkles). So, enjoy your share of tomato soup or vegetable sandwiches with slices of tomatoes.

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