UntitledMark Moxom: Hello! Today I’m joined in the studio by Dr. Dave Bird.

What have you got for us today?

Dave Bird: Firstly Mark. Thanks very much for this invitation. I always love giving these interviews.

My clients find that my coaching sticks in their minds longer when I use alliterations so what I’ve got for you are the five S’s of transitioning into summer running.

It’s very cold here in the UK in April but we’re both aware I think that summer is on its way.

Mark Moxom: So we’ve got the five S’s. I guess we might as well dive straight into the first of those S’s.

Dave Bird: Well you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to think that one just might be SUN so I thought we’d start off with sun and what I’d like to talk about with this is some very important bits of kits and different approaches that you need to cope with the sun.

The sun is both a blessing but can be a very unfortunate condition if you don’t make adequate preparation.

So firstly no surprises that we’re going to talk a little bit about drinking and drinking gear. It’s so important to get a bottle designed for running that you can easily grip and for long runs, I know a lot of people are going to be marathon runners or even ultramarathon runners and they might want to consider one of these hydration systems where you can basically sip the fluid up through a tube with a system nicely housed in a backpack. So that’s the kind of kit side of it.

Mark Moxom: Isn’t it expensive?

Dave Bird: They can be but these items or kit are becoming much more affordable and if you shop around in Running Stores or on Amazon you can get some really good deals particularly if you get them now actually before we get into the high season for them.

So that’s the kit side Mark – but while we’re onto the drinking, hotter weather obviously brings your hydration strategy right to the fore and it’s worth remembering that losing just 2% of body fluids can reduce performance by 10 to 20 % and once you start feeling thirsty unfortunately it’s too late.

So what I would suggest and this might sound like common sense but common sense only prevails when everyone is doing it and they don’t so make sipping water a habit and find the optimum rate when you’re actually running that keeps you hydrated without feeling bloated or constantly needing toilet breaks. You can over do it and there’s an actually extreme condition called hypernatremia – where you take on so much fluid that it can be dangerous so just get it in perspective.

Dr. Dave is one of those people whose passion is to help ambitious but time-pressed runners to get the times that they deserve.

He’s got lots of experience in this field. At the age of 44 he was placed in the Florence Marathon and at the age of 45, just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, he came third in the Edinburgh Marathon.

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