Working out can be fun for some, and the pain that comes with a good workout, euophoric for others. But how much is too much? Would you know how to tell the difference? Well, scientists from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City might just have the answer.

In  a study performed first on mice and then on humans (their thumb – to be precise) found that on working out the body produces a number of substances including actate, certain acids and adenosine triphosphate, or ATP (a chemical which plays an important role in energy creation) which when present in a muscle together lead to fatigue and muscle failure. Moreover, the study showed that levels of each of those substances jump substantially when muscles were working hard.

In an initial phase they tested these substances on the muscles of mice – by first injecting each substance individually and then together – and found that when the substances were present together they led to responses from many nerve cells.

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