Jog Exercise, as most folk know is one of ‘the’ keys to getting fit and healthy.  But it is probably the least liked and used part of any fitness program.

We all take to the eating part of our diet, but there is a real resistance to doing the physical bit.

Why should that be?

In truth, there are many expert opinions for why this is, but most of them overlook the blindingly obvious.

If we don’t do the exercises, it can be many months before the body really shows the fruit of inactivity.  But go without food for more than a few hours and our bodies soon tell us to do something about it.

There is another fundamental part of the equation that the experts forget. Eating is part of our routine. In some cultures, it is the most important time of the day and everything else has to move around the food.

We eat not just to live, but we use the eating of food to celebrate special events in our lives – from births to deaths and everything in between.

We invite our friends round to eat. We discus business over a meal.  In fact to some, any excuse to eat is a good one.

Yes, eating really is an intrinsic part of our lives. It’s interesting, social and enjoyable.

If we had the same attitude towards exercise – perhaps that too would become something we look forward to.

Imagine if exercise were given the same place of honour that food has in our lives… Ladies and gentlemen. The father of the bride will now ask you to do 50 pushups in honour of the bride and groom



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