The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA) recently published that Nutritionists have observed that simply cutting sugar intake drastically improved the metabolic function among children in only two weeks.

Researchers conducted carefully-controlled experiments which involved determining the relationship between fructose and metabolic function. They chose high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as their control variable, as this is normally the additive sugar found in many processed foods. They found that this specific sugar accelerated the conversion of energy to fat. To compare, glucose (which is the sugar found in cereals, vegetables, and fruits) is 20 percent metabolized in the liver and 80 percent in the entire body. Fructose, on the other hand (found in sugary drinks and in “healthy” salad dressings), is 90 percent metabolized in the liver. The simple sugar was even noted to convert to fat 18.9 times faster than glucose.

HFCS is used in around 75 percent of all packaged foods and drinks because of it’s affordability and taste. Fructose is 20 times sweeter than raw sugar.

But sweetness is as sweetness does. The sugar disrupts basic body function and stimulates cells, or more specifically, the metabolic pathways, to liberate the energy from the sugar and immediately store it as fat. More dangerously, due to the rapid conversion, the body does not even register that it has eaten. People can often eat huge amounts of fructose and still be hungry.

Dr. Tyree Winters, an osteopathic pediatrician wrote in the study, “many young patients tell me they’re always hungry, which makes sense because what they’re eating isn’t helping their bodies function.”

“If we cut out the HFCS and make way for food that the body can properly metabolize, the hunger and sugar cravings fade. At the same time, patients are getting healthier without dieting or counting calories. This one change has the potential to prevent serious diseases and help restore health,” said Dr. Winters

While the change can be daunting for a lot of children (particularly due to sugar also building an addictive mentality in the brain), researchers say that it only takes fourteen days to see an impact.


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