Unlike other diet, Keto diet advocates for consuming high fat and low carb in your daily diet. During the diet, you have to cut down numerous intakes from high carb food, such as bread, rice, noodles and etc. You will be rewarded by a quick result of losing weight effectively. However, you also lose specific nutrients by cutting down your food options. To maintain a healthy diet, it would be good to supplement with missing nutrients!


Most food contain high Magnesium are high carb food, it would be difficult to meet your basic need of Magnesium. If you are lack of Magnesium, you will find your muscle being weak and fatigue due to lack of energy. Even worst, it will increase your risk of stroke or heart attack. Supplementing with Magnesium would boost your energy and maintain a healthy level of your blood pressure.


The theory behind Keto-diet is to push your body to burn fat for energy by cutting down carb and replacing by fat. So, if you want to burn fat in an effective way, you will need to put up your fat intake in order to boost your ketone levels. You may simply add a teaspoon of MCT oil in your morning shake, yet, you have to observe how your body react to it as some people may get diarrhea from that.

Vitamin D

Lovely Vitamin D is easy to be found from different sources, as simple as sunbathing for 15 minutes to soak up adequate amount of Vitamin D. Besides, you can always find from fish, milk and cheese. Supplementing with Vitamin D is all about boosting your energy level and strengthened your immune system quickly.

Green Powder

Due to cutting down of carbs, you would probably reduce the intake of vegetables. Yet, vegetables contain rich mineral to maintain an optimal level for our body to function well. In order to fight inflammation and lower disease risk, adding green powder would be a quick fix for you to absorb mineral from vegetables!

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